Sunday, June 28, 2009

In light of the unfortunate and untimely death of Michael Jackson

I am sure he will be missed by his children and family and fans.I also do hope others will respect their wish for privacy as I heard on tv by his brother.I know speculation does not help in a situation like this one either.
The speculation about whether he was or wasn't using too much meds is just that for now.Anytime anyone takes any medicine on a regular schedule,it will be in your body even after you die.Let's get real around here for once in a blue moon,ok ?
As for my web site you are looking at : alot of people who take pain medication do not go and accidentally over dose or do it on purpose (the purpose of dying) ok ?
I have had NO accidental overdoses or done it on purpose ( the purpose of dying).NO hospital record showing this is a problem.I write down what I take and when so there's no question when I took it or not,just like the hospitals do.If this isn't good enough for whomever, they can pay ALL of my bills so that person get's to have a say.However,I am human and I have problems with medicines I haven't taken before and it is called alergies & sensitivities to the drug.Please,remember people who have a real pain problem are humans and need treated.I have to carry my medical information with me due to never knowing when I will have to go to a hospital able to give the information or not.

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