Thursday, January 20, 2011

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Medicaid and the Dept. of Health and Human Services are going to have a rude awakening

I will be sending information to the U.S. Health & Human services , the top office . The Medicaid and the human services office in Iowa are confused about whom they are supposed to be helping.They need to think twice before they act ignorant. There are 3 case workers who may want to straighten up their act , I am planning 3 civil lawsuits.Can we say they are medically negligent.
How does putting a flyer out to try to get enough people for a class action lawsuit ?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Iowa's medicaid lock in program could be a killer , or worse

This so called program keeps a client from getting medical care or prescriptions they need . I know from experience, I am totally in my motorized wheel chair all day.If I stand up it's a gamble , am I going to break another bone , or not. Thanksgibing I broke my first big bone,I have end plate fractures oof the spine. I also deal with my hips and down,I have a hip replacement.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Iowa Medicaid has a good chance to be investigated

I receive a U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services research magazine bi monthly from the head office of all the Depts of Health and human services in all states.The states( Iowa is one of them ) who target certain Iowa Medicaid clients and make it where the client has a delay or a refusal of a medicine to save the state medicaid money. If it is investigated as the magazine speculates, Iowa could get sued by alot of clients in a class action law suit for discrimination of the disabled.It is possible the Iowa Supreme court could get involved.This practice does not save money in the long run and can cause medical problems detrimental to a persons life & family. How many families are silently watching Iowa Medicaid for big mistakes and keeping tabs on other mistakes by Medicaid & the state of Iowa ? I would guess plenty after the article in the Des Moines Register about how much power should the Dept of Human Services have over a client and the clients health care & family was conviently not informed of anything and then had to scramble to fix some big boo boos( mistakes).
The sky just may figure out a way to fall on everyone who made the big mistakes !!!!!!!!!
FOR THE RECORD : I have no record- no misdemeaners, no felonies ,no illegal drug history as I was doing something else ,and no time served any where . Medicaid does not remember this very well,medicaid played a big part in why my health is worse and whine before paying for it. Sore losers is what they act like and thats before my lawyer is going to get involved.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The health care debate

I keep hearing the fight about health care President Obama wants to put in so all people are covered . I've yet to hear about preventative medical care , there is none for the uninsured ask my son. As for the elderly and disabled and the end of life talk , we already have those who run interference with medicine ( heart meds and pain meds for people who have medical conditions that need treated) . It is called Iowa Medicaid office and other insurance companies. The ones who refuse to insure someone ( or their kids) due to a pre- existing condition) . Life insurance is the same way , Globe Insurance is one of the insurance companies who look at your health records, refuse your application and then keep sending you more.
I'd write more but I have to get to a doctors appointment.